Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: Fendi - Adding Fun To the Day

           Can we just take a moment and talk about how delightful the artistry coming out of the luxury brand Fendi has been lately? I used to brush this name off with the association of brown ‘F’s in stripes and relief, and while that is still present for those who must be conspicuous with their labels, the sheer playfulness and subtle glamour in the rest of their line is like a perfectly ripe strawberry on a sunny summer day. Mostly, I’m enticed by their shoe collection. I’ve seen things in past seasons that I wish I could own. And the Spring/Summer 2013 selections are no exception. Surely, there are tempting treasures for any tootsies with a modicum of taste. 
            Shall we start with serious? We can get the stuffy out of the way, move in the direction of the more circus worthy shoes you know I love, and get this going like a 4th of July fireworks show. They have a basic pump, like any good cordwainer. I don’t need to show you those, although I will tell you there’s one in magenta suede, for an edge under that black pant suit. How sweet is this one? Patent shine, a youthful bow, stripe and added neutral colors for versatility. This is so much more interesting than a plain black or brown pump. It also recalls that Fendi signature stripe without being in your face about it. This also comes in a wedge in black and taupe, and a low heel similar to the Ferragamo Vara pump in nude and RED.
            I’ve been looking for the perfect brown summer wedge sandal. This might be it. (This is not it, actually, because no one pays me to write this blog. Sad, but true. I can dream though). I like that it has the jute braid around the bottom to say, “Yes, I know espadrilles are popular in the summer time, but you paid almost $500 for this shoe. Do you really want it to be made out of plants?” Those wide straps make me happy too – I find wide strapped sandals to be a bit more stable for the ankles than thin strappy sandals. (Yes, I can be a practical woman. Don't look so surprised). The color-blocking is a nice touch also.
            This next one is exquisite. It looks to be bedazzled to look like stingray. I don’t believe it is actually stingray. This style of shoe reminds me of Ginger Rogers. I don’t know how anyone would dance in it, but it captures that air of old world glamour, from a time when no one would dream of singing about "Bubble Butts" or having the gall to shake one in your face. It’s the round toe with the t-strap combination, I do believe. And, here’s some real stingray for you (as best I can tell). In case that skin alone isn’t rich enough for you, they’ve made half the shoe orange. And that’s it. That’s enough. It’s not overdone. Oh, to stroll down a boardwalk in a summery dress in these, on your way to a glass of lemonade. 

            Fun fun fun! Why not have a shoe with pink checkerboard and orange?

           Oh, what’s that you say? You want a Bruins Playoff Series fan support shoe because you'd rather not grow a beard? They have you covered on that one too. Oh and it is divine. 


           PERSPEX! Do not forget the Perspex. I’m so excited I just can’t hide it. 

The space-age ugly runway shoe that may have moved Fendi past Prada into my favorite shoe brand is this orange gem. 

There is something about the continuity of the brown studs on the bottom of the heel matching the embossed rusty orange leather applique on the outside of the shoe also matching the leather in the sock lining that I truly appreciate. Art for the feet. 

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