Friday, May 17, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: Bruins and Marigolds

Plant these! These marigolds act
as organic nematode
 control from Burpee.
    I don’t know what it is lately, but I just can’t get enough of the color marigold. Perhaps it is because it is time to plant the marigolds. The dandelions are out in full force and I LIKE IT. The little wild strawberries have their happy flowers littering the grass outside the pipe shop where I work part of the week. Or, maybe, IT’S HOCKEY PLAYOFFS!!!!!!! I get equally excited about the Bruins winning and the end of hard frost season (time to start my container jungle). 
Coming soon, to my eyelashes
via Chanel.
           This yellow kick is so out of control this spring, I even bought yellow mascara. That’s right, I am going to paint my eyelashes the color of road paint. You’ve seen blue and purple already…. Have I lost my mind? Could be. You’ll know before I do! Let’s celebrate Bruins wins, petunia planting, and insanity with a couple of sunshine inspired delights.
I just can't get enough Prada footwear -
it's so comfortable.
            I have been searching for an acceptable summertime wedge sandal for more than one summer. I thought I found one I liked yesterday – it was made by Camper – and it was on sale. I like Campers. They’re comfortable. They’re a little pricey though. It’s funny how my pricing rationalization works. An example would be: I refuse to pay more than $4-6 for a t-shirt. In the same shopping trip you could watch me decide that it was completely reasonable to spend $30 on one bottle of nail polish. So, these Campers I saw were on sale for $99 (good price for Campers!). I just didn’t like them enough to pay that much for them. Conversely, this Prada wedge is FANTASTIC! And I am not at all appalled by the $520 price tag (maybe a tiny bit, but not much). I just don’t have the money to buy them. I guess this is strike one for my sanity. 
Squishy, sunny, carryall.
            I’ve been over Marc Jacobs for a while. I think he’s over-branded himself. It’s not about fashion with him - it’s about selling his name. EH. Get over yourself. That’s what I say. Every now and again, however, I still see things that tickle my fancy. This tote bag, for instance, is awfully cheery. The price is ridiculous, at $200 (Rational Sarah is back). I could make this bag for you. I’m guessing time and supplies would be under $40. I also would not quilt Marc Jacobs’ name into it. It would probably say “Go Bruins” (for the record, Krug scored his first goal as I typed that) or “Monsanto sucks.” 
            Balenciaga’s Arena Classic City bag is available in this lovely color this season – they call it Mangue. Yes, I’m crazy to even mention
it. The bag costs $1545. It’s ridiculous to spend this much on a handbag. That’s a mortgage/rent payment. I must mention though, I saw an awful lot of Balenciaga bags on young ladies’ arms when I was in NYC a couple of weekends ago. What I’d like to know is how these ladies can afford BOTH. Last time I checked, living in NYC wasn’t inexpensive. Anyways…. 
OUCH. My eyes.
            Yellow is a tricky color to wear, which is why accessories are often the easiest way to get this color into your wardrobe. Always try this color on in natural light before making a permanent commitment to anything. If this means taking something home to try it so you can get something other than that odd fitting room glow, do it! (This is what generous return policies are for). Sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion as well. Love is blind – the dress may be pretty, but not so pretty on you. Sorry. It’s life! We all have things we can’t wear. I can’t wear greenish yellows or halter neck dresses (unless I’m trying to pass for a member of the USA Olympic swim team). 
           Maybe if you can’t wear yellow, you can get these pants for your boyfriend to wear when he goes golfing. I’m kidding. These are awful. They may be the right colors to cheer for the Bruins, but your boyfriend will look like he passed out drunk in the middle of the road after the Bruins game, and got run over by the road-line painting truck. Hey, isn’t it nifty that ALL the roads in America are black, yellow, and white? Take that, Rangers! (We win game one as I write this blog... mission accomplished. Do you have a victory dance?) 

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