Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: Things That Make You Go EW

           Have you ever felt the urge to dress like you’ve been “human trafficked?” No? Are you sure? Why, you ask? One of my friends sent me a link to a website that I wish I didn’t know existed. It used to be that if people/girls wanted to dress really out there or “punk” they’d mess up their own clothes or do something different. When did “punk” become a commercial thing? It’s like the whole “hipster” phenomenon – being different just like everyone else.
            At they have everything from latex garments to studded dresses to bodysuits with Unicorns in sandwiches on them. Mmmhmmm… that last one is called “Blood is the new black.” (It's probably what Kim Jong-un tells his people to answer why there are no unicorns in America). EEW! Gross! This Hellerina dress costs $175. So, now, not only is it 
mainstream to be a studded, trashy ho, it’s EXPENSIVE!!! I can’t really give this crap any more free press and feel good about myself, so you can go explore on your own. While they do have a couple cool pairs of socks, I just find myself staring horrified, wondering who would let their daughter wear this stuff, and what girl of legal consenting age would think it appropriate to leave her house in these clothes. (And who can afford to?!) I’m all for being free to wear whatever you want, but if you are walking around with a cut off tank top that says TRASH across your hooters and super short shorts with your ass cheeks hanging out, you might as well be wearing a flashing neon sign that says “Please assault me,” or “$10!!!” SHIVER.
            If this is too much for you, perhaps you will be less disturbed by these creepy Easter bunny photos…I happen to think they are hilarious. 

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