Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: Dressing For the Dogs

Pepto-pink for all occasions

           Now I know the reason that anyone watches the Westminster Dog Show is for those adorable, happy, furry friends, and certainly not for fashion. With that in mind, is there some sort of Dog Handler Ugly Suit store out there?! These people have clearly spent a pretty penny on their outfits for this event. The judges are dressed to the nines in their gowns and tuxes. If you are going to spend that much money on an outfit for a nationally televised event, you would think that the idea would be to not detract from the dog.
Even that dog sees those knees and thinks HAMBONE!
            I’m noticing a LOT of shorter than knee length pencil skirts. Since the dogs are close to the ground, this means we’re seeing a lot of ladies old knees, and calf muscles, and the dreaded cankles. I bet they didn’t think about that (DUH, doghandler ladies, DUH!). I have a dog. Clovis could never go to Westminster as he is half Labrador, half Golden. Those snotty show people are such mutt bigots. Anyway… I know from taking Clovis outside for walks and playtime that his 110 pound self can be a bit difficult to handle, and that’s not running. I can tell you for a fact that if I tried to run or prance with my dog while wearing a pencil skirt, I would land face first in the lawn and Clovis would take himself on a grand adventure.
Pencil skirts look GREAT when you push
your bum out at people's faces like that, don't they?
My mutt, Clovis
            I’m not saying these women need to wear pants suits (although that would be wise), but how about something that flares a little, or comes below the knee (so I don’t have to look at them), or actually allows you to move your legs? While I’m tearing apart the doghandler women and their poor taste, I must also say that I also do not understand the matching brightly colored skirt and jacket. If you want to be all one color, why not wear a dress? 
           If you’re going to the trouble of wearing two pieces, don’t match them. It’s like matching twinsets. And matching velveteen jogging suits. 

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  1. Just returned from a dog show and I am convinced that the ladies have been trolling through secondhand clothing or op shops to find 1980's skirt suits. What's with the ugly clothing?