Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!:When It's Snowing, Think Penguins

            First of all, WHAT in the name of all that is holy is THAT? Nordstrom sent that lovely image to me this week in an effort to try and woo me to their website. Does anyone know what they’re doing there? Anybody? I’m lost.
            It makes me think how lovely and classic the use of color void is: black and white. It’s difficult to go wrong with black and white. No, I take that back. It is very easy to find yourself looking like an escaped convict from a Coen Brothers’ film with the wrong mix of contrasting colored prints. Played well, however, it can be fun or even unspeakably elegant. These colors also look good on everyone, except maybe Big Bird.
            I’m not interested in spending a lot of money on apparel right now, or even looking at things in that price range, so I don’t think we’ll be traversing the unspeakably elegant road. Tomorrow is also going to be a wicked snow stahm day here in New England so all I can even think about right now are pajamas, sweat pants, blankets, beer, and brownies. Fun and comfort it is!
Anchors away.
            Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee? I particularly like this one from All Saints. It is a bit steep at $68, however, the thing I LOVE about All Saints tees is that they are LONG. So for someone like myself, who is tall and can’t stand shirts that don’t come down over the top of my pants since I feel that they make me look like a hick from a not-classy trailer park (not all trailer parks are trashy, fyi) or a pregnant teenager, they are just the perfect match. And THIS ONE has an anchor on it. Anchors are cool. They are big and heavy and when they fall to the bottom of the ocean they grow barnacles, right? Barnacles. 
Hoodie Dress Nightgown?
            Longer than a tee…. Look at this. Does this look comfortable or what? A black and white striped hooded dress/tunic. I think you could wear this as a dress, or over leggings, or over jeans. $78 AND machine washable are both pretty reasonable for something from Anthropologie. I probably wouldn’t wear poo brown shoes with this like the model has been styled with. If you wanted fun you could pop a colored ballet flat in there, if you wanted more modest, black of course. It’s also gathered at the waist. That’s a big plus for all body types. If you want to accentuate the waist, it could be belted. 
These long stripes will make you
look long.
            Since I seem to be moving by length, I shall continue to an even longer dress. This is more of a washed out black and the designer is calling it “bark.” It meets the comfortable appearance requirement, but I also think it’s going to be a flattering, classy fit. It’s smartly constructed with a few horizontal panels, which, in theory, should keep the dress from hugging anything you’d like to hide. At $150 you’re paying for the name “Velvet by Graham & Spencer.” You’re also paying for something that was made in the United States and should be decent quality. I have yet to have a complaint about any item of Velvet apparel I have owned, except those of sadness from my wearing them out. 
I don't know why this girl is
wearing leather shorts.
            Then every girl should have some sort of black/white tweedy speckled Chanel like jacket in their wardrobe. Should is a great word. It’s sort of like a wish. I definitely do not have the aforementioned article. This blazer by Maison Scotch is nice because it really sits heavily in the grey zone. It has a very lady-like neckline, which is a treat in a blazer. $109.99 seems a reasonable price for a jacket, but I know nothing of this brand. I love jackets and hate shopping for them. If people were shaped like refrigerators, jackets would be easy to shop for. That seems to be how the inexpensive ones are fitted.
            I can’t end this entry without showing you the shoe that inspired it. This Alice & Olivia “Dina” pump wants to come home to live with me. I haven’t had it on my foot yet….but ooooh I know they’d look good.  

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