Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: What Are You Hiding Under There?

           My head is pounding. AGAIN. So I really only have a very simple thought for you today. We get dressed from the inside out. Don't forget to start with yourself. Plain and simply, if you are a bigot, or you discriminate against people for any reason, are disrespectful or unkind to people you have decided are beneath you, are rude, lie, cheat, steal, intentionally harm others, or manage to find other ways to get yourself into the group of people that may be termed as assholes, asshats, douchebags, dipshits, sons o bitches, racist pigs, self-centered jackasses, megalomaniacs, et al. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU WEAR OR HOW EXPENSIVE YOUR CLOTHES WERE.  YOU'RE STILL GOING TO LOOK UGLY.

No one ever said "Man that POL POT, he was STYLIN'!"
or "Where can I get me some of those Kim Jong Il spectacles?!"

Dear Boy Scouts of America, no one is going to think that you are extra handy at starting fires if you continue to squash little boys who may one day wish to become flaming themselves. Your uniforms are looking pretty ugly right now too.

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