Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: The Olsen Twins Make Me Sad

            I find it very difficult to take the Olsen Twins seriously when it comes to talk of fashion designers and icons. It’s not because they played a somewhat annoying character on Full House. And, it’s not because I saw New York Minute in the movie theatre (don’t judge me). I’ve also watched many (all?) of their other movies. I particularly enjoyed When In Rome and How The West Was Fun. It might have something to do with the fact that they think people would pay near $17000 for an ugly fur backpack.
            They look like ALIENS (theme of the week). Well, I guess that isn’t really their fault. Except it IS their fault because they don’t eat food. The only way you can get that sunken cheek look is from not eating or having your back teeth removed. Either way, I would disapprove. Even that isn’t my biggest  issue with these oddballs. It’s because they think that anyone would want to wear looks like this. (These are all from The Row - their joint fashion line).
How many textures can we put in one
outfit? Let's really mix it up by mis-matching
the length of the two sides of the jacket!

I'm sorry, these are pajamas. And what
in God's name is on her feet?!
So, Fall 2013 is a bust. Maybe it get's better with Resort wear.
Nothing says cruise like wrapping
your lower body in burlap.
Wait, this is RESORT wear. Why
is she wearing a fur vest? Maybe
she's going on an Alaskan cruise.
OKAY, I've figured it out. They're
designing their 'RESORT' wear for
some sort of SisterWife cruise. Ain't
nobody wearin' a bikini under that. 

Spring 2014 is not any better. I almost feel like there should be a caption contest. 
I don't know what this is. Is she going
on a safari? Did she fall in really
ferrous dirt? Is this a halloween
costume meant to look like a cinnamon
This might be the most full body
coverage mumu I've ever seen. It
even has a matching baseball hat.

 – Image courtesy
But then there's this.....1. Mary Kate, dear, it's called a hem. You can get one at a tailor. Don't drag your clothes on the ground. 2. What IS that?! She's wearing a fur accent bathrobe?
3. PLEASE, wash your hair. 

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