Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When You're Outshone by Putin, You Know You Suck At Your Job

           One of the most astute things I have heard in a long time came out of the mind of my dear Egyptian friend… I will paraphrase. “If you get in a fight with your mom it doesn’t make any sense for me to come and say, ‘Get out of the way. I’m going to take care of this for you,’ and then fight with your mom in your place.” You can’t argue with that. Can you? So WHY is the primary basis for US foreign policy to do EXACTLY THAT?
            That’s what we do, like it or not. Iraq? We went in and took out Saddam. Afghanistan? We’re fighting the Taliban. Pakistan? We’re droning the bejezeesus out of N Waziristan – any man who is old enough to hold a weapon and carry a conversation with someone who might join a militia is at risk. Somalia? Somalia is like instead of fighting with mom we’ve decided to have an ear flicking fight with the younger brother. That’s just a huge disaster – you know we’re droning camels and farmers there, right? Syria, there we just watch – they don’t have anything we want.
            It’s always about what you want from the other side. All weekend foreign news sources have been surmising what it is the US wants from Egypt that they would continue to give them money despite the so-called “military coup that wasn’t a coup.” People in Egypt were hearing that the US had stopped funding. Everyone here was being told the opposite. It seemed suspicious. Turns out, the Obama Administration was lying to the American people. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Make a speech that says you will continue funding while you actually go ahead and suspend the funding. That’s classy. So now we must ask the appropriate question, “What does Obama administration want from the Muslim Brotherhood?” You know something is very wrong when Vladimir Putin is making better decisions than your own president. I wanted to give him a Scratch ‘N Sniff sticker for giving Edward Snowden asylum. If he weren’t on his way to becoming the world’s next Hitler or Stalin I’d say get that man a kitten. I want to know why people condemn the Egyptian military’s actions to protect non-Muslim Brotherhood members as human rights violations, but still don’t condemn the White House’s decision to drone drone drone anyone they want (peace prize my ass). I can’t take it anymore. It makes my blood boil. 

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