Saturday, December 8, 2012

Special Saturday Edition!:Festive Fa-la-las

           Those of you out there who know me well know that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Saying I love this time of year is like saying that children like candy. It doesn't even begin to cover how excited I get about things like Christmas trees with enough lights on them to cause a small fire, the smell of balsam and pine underfoot and in the air, glitter on everything, and terrible, corny, made-for-TV movies on Lifetime, the Hallmark Channel, and ABC Family Channel. I also love the classics, of course. And, naturally, I have found the three 24 hour Christmas music radio stations and preset them into the radio. 
           I do find that these radio stations play a lot of the same music. And they tend to leave out my favorite songs, perhaps because some of them are, shall we say, non traditional. I thought I could brighten up your weekend by sharing with you some of the season's greatest hits!!! 

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