Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Fashion Friday!: Please Put The Pandora Back In The Box

           Jewelry is an extremely personal accessory. Unless you decide to inflate yourself to the size of a dumptruck, you can generally wear it for a lifetime. For that reason I assume that the more expensive gems have more thought put into their purchase. The more disposable ones - trendy things, mass produced things, anything that is devoid of sparkling gemstones - should be inexpensive. These things should be doubly inexpensive if they are ugly. Ugly jewelry should never be expensive.
            Now I must again stress that jewelry is personal. And I strongly encourage you to not be offended by my opinions as I share them. You may disagree with me. I am not judging you based on your jewelry choices. That being said, why are you people spending all this money on these fugly fugly fugly charm bracelets?! I do not understand the Pandora craze AT ALL. Not even a little.
They just don't make weird plastic
stuff like they used to.
Charm bracelets are not new to the world in any way. I have my mom’s charm bracelets from her childhood. They are sweet – fairly delicate chains with a modestly chosen number of charms, each with significance, evenly spaced so as not to look like metal bead vomit. Then there were the plastic charm necklaces of the 80’s. My friend Beth and I were reminiscing about them yesterday thanks to the Big League Chew they sell at Old Navy (yes, that is an odd stretch from one topic to the other isn’t it?). Long plastic chain links with strange plastic toys to hook onto them. Most of mine are gone because they were hand-me-downs from my stick-up-ass Aunt Kate who I’ve mentioned before. Naturally, I had to throw them out, as one must with all things attached to other things/people distasteful. I saved the few that were mine though. So, yes, these plastic ones were ugly. They were, however, SUPER CHEAP! They were made in China and intended for children.
It's funny how violent I feel
when I see adults wearing
peace signs.
As an adult, I have acquired a fondness for artisan jewelry. It’s not mass produced and it has character. Sometimes it’s affordable; sometimes it’s not. It goes without saying that I also enjoy the baubles from the glittery sections at Tiffany & Co. And I realize that there is also time and place for fun, silly, often ridiculous, costume-y jewelry. Where is the place for Pandora in this mix? Nowhere. I’m not sure how to adequately convey to you why this stuff is so dreadful. I’m not sure if Pandora jewelry is like cilantro – either you like it or you don’t and there’s no argument possible. I’m going to try though. If I can save a single confused soul from the evils that Pandora unleashed on the world, I will consider myself a hero for the weekend. That has to be worth at least one donut.
A peace sign hanging from pink sparkles… peace is a nice idea. Wearing a peace sign is tacky beyond belief. Leave that to the 12 year olds and the hippies. I’d rather have a panzer charm hanging from a diamond. 

In case you forget that
you had a daughter and
that you're not the dad?
This thing, left, splits in half and says Mother / Daughter on the insides. It costs $95. I don’t get it. 
Pandas are supposed to be cute. 

This panda bear looks like he is frightened to the point of gastrointestinal flash spattering (I just made up that term, but it's quite an image, isn't it?)  

A helmet for a square head.

A silver and gold football helmet for $130. Does the kind of girl who wears a charm bracelet like this actually play football? Not to mention at first glance I thought this was some sort of crematory oven.
A $450 angel. Creepy looking little thing, isn’t it? 
I don't have a nose.

$40 to advertise what you are wearing. Shouldn’t they pay YOU to wear this one?
PLUS, you have to buy the bracelet to put these things on! They range in price from $40 to OVER $1000. That’s for a 14K gold bracelet. That’s it. JUST 14K gold. 
Dear Bloomingdales, I'm just so disappointed.

So, just for fun, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to add up the price of one of these completed bracelets as they display them on the Bloomingdales website (Talk about selling out, guys! I thought you were supposed to be a classy department store). Here they show this picture of a beaded up barfcelet all pink and gold and silver with hearts and flowers. If you were to start fresh and buy the whole thing at once, bracelet, charms, and all, it would cost ….. ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching, $4280.
Sweet little Cartier orchids
Or, you could have a pair of these lovely diamond and white gold orchid sparklers for your ears by Cartier. Oh, and probably also a night at the Ritz. No, no. By all means, go back to Pandora. You are ABSOLUTELY making the right decision. 


  1. Not all the beads cost a lot. I am looking at one that is only $10.

  2. Hahahaha love this article, I feel the same way.

  3. Great article. I completely agree with you

  4. 'Unless you decide to inflate yourself to the size of a dumptruck' this bit of 'humour' was necessary to prove your point because...?

    1. It was actually more to emphasize the point that it's nearly impossible to outgrow your jewelry, rather than an attempt at humor. It's called exaggeration. Have you ever seen a person the size of a dump truck? I'd be willing to bet not. If you're looking to attack my sense of humor, however, I might suggest that instead you look within to figure out why you're taking something not targeted at anyone in a personal manner and deal with your own problems instead of picking on my writing. Be well.

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  6. I TOTALLY AGREE. in fact I deliberately googled Pandora bracelet ugly to see if anyone shared my views. I JUST DON'T GET IT???

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  8. Besides ur post being 100% accurate, I died laughing at how the fatties & pandora bracelet owners were offended by your post LMAO!

  9. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! Swarovski schmuck

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  12. I agree; they're absolutely tacky. And most of them aren't even charms? They're beads. I myself have a James Avery charm bracelet - theirs bracelets are more like the classic ones that you spoke about your mom having but are personalized because you buy the charms individually (plus, you get the bracelet for free if you buy two of their charms, though they ARE a bit pricey)

  13. People who cannot afford always have something to say. I love my pandora bracelets..autumn and winter collection. What matters is im happy with it, either ugly for some or cute for people who loves jewelry..for fun.

  14. All these negative comments here are defense mechanism and insecurities. Sorry.

  15. People who cannot afford always have something to say. I love my pandora bracelets..autumn and winter collection. What matters is im happy with it, either ugly for some or cute for people who loves jewelry..for fun.

  16. I'll admit, their newer charms are awful lol. Their old stuff, including rare charms, are what I'm passionate about. I've also branched off into other brands like ohmbeads and redbalifrog. Pandora has gone too tacky for my taste, and a lot of their stuff does look cheap now. Pandora has been my hobby for 6 years. Expensive, yes, but it's gotten me through a lot of dark times. (I'm not kidding lol)

  17. i randomly saw this and I AGREE 100%. I first saw Pandora on the wrist of a (now EX) friend. She was looking online at the catalogue to buy more and asked me my opinion on which one she should get. I looked at it in disbelief and curiosity. This was 2008. I wore Cartier LOVE bracelet and an art deco emerald ring and black pearl choker. I laughed and asked was this a pre teen 'thing' (never had heard of Pandora). The "friend" spat venom at me and answered "NO, this is a classy WOMAN'S 'THING'"!!!...We argued about taste and class and all that fun stuff ...and actually over 8 years later, we haven't spoken again! lol

  18. If you know how to arrange your charms and bracelets, you can get something classy. If you mix anything with any colours, it can easily be ugly. Each person have her own tastes. Personnaly, I find the Love Cartier fugly as well and it costs over 8000 $. And I find most of T&CO jewelry ugly too. Especially the keys necklaces

  19. I just want to say I love that this is still striking chords with people 4.5 years later!!!! i just checked this after a long while. love all the comments. even the ones who disagree. it takes all kinds!

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