Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: Home Decor with Dominik.

 I was thinking about guiding this Fashion Friday’s post into interior design territory, and then I saw this gem on the side of the road and it was like kismet.
Have you ever noticed how reading fashion magazines evokes feelings brought up by the movie Groundhog Day? You read one article and think, didn’t I just read this last month? Or in another magazine? Isn’t there anything new to talk about? Sadly, there isn’t. This is one of the reasons why people with small minds can handle superficiality. It rarely develops new concepts. It stays in a box. It does not require huge amounts of thought. This is not to say there is not art in fashion. To quote Helmut Lang, however, (and I do mean the actual Helmut Lang, not the people currently running the fashion label under his moniker) “Not every fashion is great fashion; not every art is great art.” Some of it just isn’t worth writing about. And frankly, sometimes I just get bored. This piece of junk that I spied from the truck made me EXCITED!
Dom had a rough fall - I mean, look at the poor guy. He
has grass stuck to his head and an iron bar breaking through.
He kind of leaves you speechless, doesn't he?
            At first, I thought it might be road kill caked in mud or a prosthetic foot lost by someone out for a walk. With a quick zoom in before turning down my street, and notice of the two chunks of grass lost before it (clearly evidence of this thing bouncing along the road before it came to a stop), I determined it was actually a heavy statue of some sort. I decided I was going to go get it. I walked up the street and stopped traffic to cross and pick up this piece of discarded art and was just delighted with what I found. It’s not every day you get to see stuff like this. Dominik (as I’ve named him) once lived IN SOMEONE’S HOUSE. (My mom said, “What are you going to do with that? Don't put that on the table! You’re not going to leave that in the house are you? You’re planning to turn that into some kind of lawn ornament, right?” Oh, mother). I don’t think I would like him as much if he still had two arms. Who pays money for stuff like this? That’s what I want to know.
Clovis was unsettled by Dominik. Perhaps
he took issue with his thong and the fact
that his one calf muscle kept falling off.
            You can find fresh product like this in the home décor sections at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls. That’s not to say that there aren’t some decent things hiding around in those stores, but I would say that the majority of large glass “decorative objects” are there for a reason. I am more entertained, however, by visiting antique stores. I usually am able to find all kinds of things I’d like to bring home, and not as a joke. Antique stores can be a great place to find art for your walls. While you’re not likely to find anything of museum quality value, you may find something that you like. And, the nice thing is that you can know that you have taken home something that someone else had because they liked it, rather than because it was it was some sort of monetary investment. That’s a different kind of value, and one I appreciate. It’s also no secret that older things tend to have been made better than new things.
            Back to these weird things though… I am fascinated by the sorts of odd things that people acquire. Fashion trends come and go. People buy clothes and get rid of them. Home décor, however, tends to be more of a long term investment. People get really attached to the things they populate their homes with. I see things and I want to know who owned it. In particular, I am right now wondering who owned these.
Are you kidding me?! These are amazing! Why didn't I buy them? Why don't you buy them?!
These are clearly his and hers table lamps – somewhat racially offensive his and hers ballerina table lamps, in cat puke pink and dead grandma grey. I particularly like the spider shirt. Perhaps he’s a superhero ballerina. 

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