Friday, July 5, 2013

It's Fashion Friday! And It's My Birthday!!!!!

Who's bringing me a birthday
schokoladen gugelhupfli?
           It's my birthday!!!! YAY! Happy birthday to me! I'm 29 (again, for the n-th time). You have to know I'm not writing a blog for my birthday. Here is an excellent editorial on flip flops I found on Slate Magazine. I could have sworn by paragraph four that the writer read my blog last week about the barefoot runner..... Don't get me wrong - I like flip flops, but not for all the time (especially since one of my birthday treats to myself was a new pair of blue and white Prada wedge sandals - cough BAD GIRL cough). And, PLEASE, buy them LARGE enough for your feet. I can't stand seeing people's feet hanging off the front and back of their sandals because they buy them a size and a half too small. It just takes me back to that question, "Why don't adults know how to buy shoes that fit?" If your feet are touching the sidewalk, you might as well not have shoes on. And you know how I feel about that as a city shoe choice. Enjoy the read, and enjoy my birthday!!!!

The bane of society. Photo by William Philpott/Reuters

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