Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I'm hijacking my own blog. Is that a thing? No one's written in it (ha, who would) since 2014, so I think it's time for a resurrection. Resurrection is boring if you resurrect as the same thing, unless you're the Dalai Lama. That seems to work for him. Although, I heard that he's decided he's done reincarnating. Are resurrection and reincarnation even the same? Perhaps if we're talking about a thing. I DIGRESS.
You've read these blogs. Maybe you haven't. Maybe you're new here. Maybe you are here because you hate Pandora jewellery. Somehow, people are still reading the blog I wrote about that 4.5 years ago. While I do think I am quite funny, and I hope you agree, I think the tone of what I have here in this journal of random word spit from the bored brain that was is primarily negative.
Negativity is really easy to identify when you have moved out of that head space. I am happy to say that I am engaging in a daily practice of staying out of that head space. Now here's the part where I am curious. Do you care? Are you in a negative head space? Are you even AWARE if you are or aren't in a negative head space?
Let's think about this a minute. Donald Trump is the president. Hillary Clinton was almost the president. I don't think it matters which of the two you voted for - thinking about either situation pulls me back towards the negative. DONALD TRUMP IS THE DAMNED PRESIDENT! I am happy to tell you I hate Hillary Clinton and think she is a criminal. BUT DONALD TRUMP. I think the majority of the population is still wondering what in the holy f#$k is going on.
So here's my thought. I want to talk about being positive. Would you read that? Would you be interested in being happier in life? It's good to laugh about the bad stuff... and holy MOLY did I have a bad week last week. My therapist laughed her ass off about it. I did too actually. Maybe we can create less of the bad stuff... MAYBE we can make things better. I sound like an after school commercial and that is a bit sickening. Really though, haven't we all spent enough time being miserable? Angry? Sad? Bored? Dead to the world? Don't you want to be alive?

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