Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: Fendi Buggies and Prada Racing

           I know Fendi had some really horrible contributions to my compilation of precious pelts wasted in grotesque garments. And I must qualify what is about to come with the statement that I still think these things are ridiculous. HOWEVER, what is better than a fashion house that doesn’t take itself seriously? Well, honestly, a lot of things. Regardless of that, I enjoy films. I really enjoy short films. I extra really enjoy short silly films made by high-end fashion designers just for the hell of it. Fendi has made a fantastic little film to advertise their new “Buggie” collection.

            The whole collection is about whimsy. It’s mostly little fur handbag charms in made to look like little monsters. They all have names, of course. I like Lucifur - I think he looks like a squirrel. There are a couple of wallets and handbags with rage-filled owl like glances. And it wouldn’t be complete without one of their iconic Peekaboo bags, my favorite piece, with a monster’s face on the inside. The whole lot of accessories is excessive, garish, and fantastic. I’m a little bit late to the party in my post (this holiday capsule collection was released in November), out of pure laziness. Sorry! I don’t even want to know how expensive all of these pieces are. I can’t afford them. Most of you probably can’t afford them. So what does it matter?  
           While we're at it with the weird Italian fashion short films, Prada had another one made: Castello Cavalcanti. This is a Wes Anderson/Jason Schwartzman collaboration. And it's just odd. JUST ODD. Apparently it was inspired by a scene in Amarcord. If you are unfamiliar with that gem, it is a fantastic Fellini film that every film enthusiast should enjoy. 

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